Saint Jude Catholic School

Saint Jude school is a VPK provider and supporter of FES and Step Up For Students Vouchers.

Tuition Assistance


 Dear Parents/Guardian,


“From the first moment that a student sets foot in a Catholic school,he or she ought to have the impression of entering a new environment, one illumined by the light of faith, and having its own unique characteristics.”


Thank you for your interest in our school. It is our hope, that with your cooperation, we will be able to assist you in organizing a plan to assure you have a beautiful experience at Saint Jude for many years to come.


We want to be sure you understand that limited tuition assistance for next school year (2021-2022) will only be available for families who are currently enrolled, meaning – your registration fees have been paid. Also, it is important for you to understand that tuition assistance is available only to students in grades Kindergarten through  8th

To begin the process, please:

  • Submit a letter to the Principal stating the need for tuition assistance and an estimated amount of need.
  • Complete the full application online at -
    • You will need your 2020 IRS Federal Tax Return, W-2 forms, supporting documentation for nontaxable income and the payment of a non-refundable $35 application fee
  • Any application that is not completed in full will not be reviewed for consideration.


Please note that Tuition Assistance is for the present school year only. A new letter and application must be submitted each year if you are in need of continued assistance.


We would also like you to know that we do honor the Step Up for Students Scholarship. The Step Up Scholarship is an initiative of the Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship Program. The innovative program provides K-12 education scholarships for qualifying lower-income students. The scholarships give parents the opportunity to choose the school that best meets their children's needs. The scholarships will cover up to a projected amount for private school tuition which varies each year. (Approximately $5,900.00)

  • New families: If your child is not currently receiving the income-based scholarship but you are interested in applying for the August 2021 school year, please go to their website and apply. Step Up will begin accepting applications for new families interested in the spring of 2020. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Deadline for submission is May 1, 2021.
  • Renewal families: If your child is currently receiving the income-based scholarship for the August 2020-2021 school year, you can start applying for the August 2021 school year in October 2020. Renewal families must submit their application and required documents by April 30, 2021. Renewal applications will not be accepted after this date.

  Should you have any questions or need additional assistance,

please feel free to call the Finance Department @ 561-392-8172 extension 1054.


We look forward to working with you on your journey.