Saint Jude Catholic School

Saint Jude school is a VPK provider and supporter of FES and Step Up For Students Vouchers.

We love Saint Jude Catholic School because...

"The moment you walk through the doors, you immediately recognize that Saint Jude School is a special place. It's a faith-filled community that combined with an educational environment provides students with a strong foundation that will last a lifetime. We have excellent leadership that begins at the top and trickles down to every educator in the building. The students have a well-rounded enriched experience in academics, arts, sports and service as they prepare to become future leaders. It is truly an amazing place where my children have flourished. The gift of a Catholic Education is priceless."         
The Lucas Family
"Highly recommended, best possible environment and school experience you could wish for your child. St. Jude is not only a school but a community that involves your whole family in the growth and development of your child. Every teacher and team members knows my daughter by name, and is there to support her as she grows. We are proud to be a St. Jude School family."
Deborah Montella
"St. Jude is great! My boys have made great friends while learning to be Good Christian Boys!"
Julia Hoffiz
"My husband and I are both products of Catholic School so when it was time for our son to go to school, we knew that we wanted him to go to Catholic School as well. We knew the minute we stepped foot on the campus of Saint Jude Catholic School that this would be the best place for our son to receive the Catholic education that we want for our son. He started Saint Jude in Kindergarten and is now in 3rd grade. We are grateful for the education that he is receiving and the love that the teachers, faculty, and staff show every day."
Steve and Cristi Kiley
"Why do I love St. Jude Catholic School... Why wouldn't I? I have been dropping my child/children off at St. Jude for 15 years. In that time, I have never once questioned if my children were in the right place. I have watched them grow, learn, achieve and succeed beyond my expectations. Why? The faculty and staff at St. Jude truly care and love what they do. I have never seen a more dedicated school environment than the one I witness daily at St. Jude. Always changing, always growing, always striving to improve with the changes in the world around us. They grow and learn as a whole. They achieve and succeed together. They nurture our children and are an extension of our homes. Why wouldn't I love St. Jude Catholic School, they are family."
Marianne Mendez
"Saint Jude Catholic School does not just reach the gospels to the students. SJCS teaches the child how to live the gospel, through example and participation.
Janet Paul
"I love Saint Jude because it feels like one big family. I also love St. Jude because it's a loving environment."
Brett Schneider (student)
"Prior to our family's move to Boca in 2014, my daughter and I were in town scouting pre-schools. Our first stop of the day had been a complete disappointment. My daughter was crying and would not move from my arms on the tour. None of the teachers or students interacted with her and I simply did not have a good feeling. Other schools in our neighborhood had terrible reviews so as you can imagine, I was beginning to feel quite distraught.
As our last stop that day, we came to St. Jude. The moment we set foot on campus I felt a wonderful peace and my daughter leapt form my arms, skipping ahead of me joyfully. We arrived unannounced that day but were given a tour regardless (even though it was naptime at the Preschool!) Ms. Meldrum greeted us with open arms and my daughter was very interested in the class and the other children.
My daughter is now in her second year as a Saint. In this time, I have watched her grow not only physically and academically but religiously. Her kindness and empathy is expanding every day. She never forgets her prayers and respects all of God's creation. She loves her school, teachers and friends and I love that she is learning and growing in so many ways.
She is eagerly anticipating kindergarten next Fall. She asks me to buy her kindergarten uniform at least once a week and speaks of the day she will be an eighth grade buddy!
As a Catholic family, we had discussed Catholic education on many previous occasions. Although, had we not moved to Boca, I doubt we would have pursued this option. I now know that God led us here and to St. Jude. That peaceful feeling that both my daughter and I felt that first day was His Holy Spirit leading us home!"
Shannan Bogdanov
"We love St. Jude because the teachers are wonderful. They teach our children in a caring way. We love St. Jude because the after-care program with Mrs. Bravo and the other staff members are fantastic. We love St. Jude because Ms. Armstrong and Mrs. Sprague are such loving, caring, and smart leaders of our children and the school."
The Moran Family
"Since teaching at St. Jude Catholic School, there was never any doubt, that my children would be attending St. Jude. I knew that St. Jude provided the loving and caring atmosphere I wanted for my children. I also knew that St. Jude would reinforce the morals and values that I was trying to teach at home, along with giving them an excellent education."
Kristine Cupelli
"We love St. Jude Catholic School, because we are all one big family. We also love St. Jude School, because it teaches and maintains Catholic values that are seldom seen in today's society."
The Conde Family
We love St. Jude School for many reasons. When first looking for schools for our children, St. Jude School stood out above all others. The instant warm welcome we received and the impressive environment in which we toured were above all others. After years of having all three of our children enrolled here we still feel the same way. St. Jude is a second home for our children. Here they academic level is high and challenging. The teachers are engaging, nurturing, caring, approachable, and make learning fun. The faculty and staff and clergy are always willing to offer guidance and help. The Catholic education shines through the lives of the students at St. Jude daily. St. Jude school promotes high standards in all areas that make a child well rounded academically, spiritually, and morally. That is something you don't see in many other places. St. Jude is our family. Enrolling here was the best decision we have made for our children. There will be many tears shed on the day our youngest child graduates from this school. We are so grateful and blessed to be here!"
The Shytle Family
"There are so many reasons why we love Saint Jude! Saint Jude provides a safe, loving environment for children to learn their Catholic faith along with an excellent academic education. This is a school where children witness their Catholic faith in action every day from classroom activities to school wide events. The school is full of loving, caring and dedicated teachers and staff who go above and beyond to ensure that the children get the best education possible, both spiritually and academically. We feel so fortunate to be part of the Saint Jude family!"
The Schultz Family
"There are so many reasons why love that our children attend St. Jude, but if we had to sum it up, we would have to say two main things. One, we know our children are known, loved and appreciated for the special people they are. Secondly, we are giving our children the best gift possible. Through attending St. Jude, we are giving them the gift of their faith which is a priceless treasure that they will have forever."
Krist and Mark Mansoir
"There is so much I can say in regards to my love for Saint Jude School. As an alumna, bringing my daughter back to this school was a homecoming that has long been in the making. Even before I had a child, I knew I would one day send my children here, so that they could experience the love and familial atmosphere that I cherished as a student. To have my daughter walk the halls everyday now, and feel such love and kindness from teachers and faculty, is what makes me so grateful to be a Saint Jude parent.
Lastly, the teaching of faith and the academic curriculum is extraordinary here at the school. I am so thankful for all my young daughter has been already learned, and so excited for all that is yet to come during her time here as a Saint Jude Saint"
Michele Corcione-Penbe
"We love Saint Jude Catholic School because it is a warm, loving faith-filled environment where our daughter can learn and I can teach with God at the center of everything that we do. Our family has been touched by the amazing people in the parish and we are blessed to be part of the Saint Jude Family."
Egloff Family
"It is my profound pleasure to give the staff and faculty of St. Jude the utmost praise. It is so deserving of. My Alison's experience there has been wonderful. We are lucky to have found this cradle of education and love, that has made her the wonderful student and young lady that I am so proud of."
Thomas Landry
"I feel the most important gift we can give our children is a strong foundation in their faith. I feel that Saint Jude Catholic School not only teaches the children to be kind and compassionate but they also teach the children how important it is to have relationship with Jesus. My goal as a mom is to teach my children to live the life Christ intended them to lead; focusing on ways to help others, being kind and keeping God present in their lives. At St. Jude Catholic School I feel my goal is reinforced each day by the teachers, staff and administration. I am confident that by sending my children to St. Jude they are being taught the right way to live."
"Although I'm a teacher, I can also give my parent testimony! Saint Jude School is filled with teachers who go above and beyond to make their students achieve their best and be the best they can be! Caring, nurturing and faith filled teachers have made my daughter feel safe and secure. She knows that each teacher is thinking of her best interests. They want her to succeed and the awesome, brave, smart, caring, faith filled girl that she is! Alyssa's teachers care not only about her academic but the whole child! Mind, body and spirit! We are all unique and the Saint Jude School family allows her to succeed given her personal strengths!
You know I could go on and on! I still remember the first time I walked in the door and knew this was the place for both of us! Mrs. Stover, Mrs. Kiley and Ms. Paul are amazing! We are extremely blessed!"
"I love my school for many reasons. My favorite reason is we get to learn about God and the Holy Family. God makes so many miracles and they are interesting to know about. I also like all my teachers and all my friends. We all get along and we learn a lot every day. My favorite event at the school is the fall festival. I liked seeing Father John on the rides. My favorite uniform is the dress and white shirt. I am excited to learn about my First Communion."
Kathleen Towery (student)