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Saint Jude school is a VPK provider and supporter of FES and Step Up For Students Vouchers.
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Accelerated Reader

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Accelerated Reader Program
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer-based program that allows students to read books and test their knowledge using the available quizzes.
The purpose of Accelerated Reader is to encourage students to select appropriate books for their reading level and increase their reading level while enjoying themselves.
The St. Jude School Accelerated Reading program has been expanded to include access to every AR test available. With this expansion, student now have unlimited access to the tests. Whether a book is from our Media Center, a public library, or a Barnes and Noble, if a test exists within the Accelerated Reader archives, our students will have access to it.
Most importantly, parents now have the ability to view their child’s progress by logging on to:
In the elementary grades, students are asked to read a number of books per quarter and then test.
In the middle school, students must accumulate a set number of points per quarter.
  • Students can test only once in each quiz. 
  • Students are not given access to take tests from home.
  • Files for every student are carried over from year to year.